20 People All Cat Lovers Should Follow on Twitter

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If you love cats and are on Twitter, you're probably following @Sockington, a black and white rescue cat who has nearly 1.5 million followers. But who else should you follow?

Here are 20 tweeters involved in the cat world--from fundraising kitties to pet bloggers--who are sure to delight ailurophiles. I've listed them in no particular order... but they all deserve a big bowl of nom-noms and a catnip mouse.

1. @CATeditor

Shelter Cats are Just as Healthy as Purebred Cats, According to Data: http://t.co/6RUKnmRTue Aug 23 17:36:55 via Tweet Button

@CATeditor is the editor of the award-winning Cat Fancy magazine. @CATeditor tweets essential cat issues, feline health, fun kitty products and more.

2. @CatChatCaren

CAT CHAT: Book Review: "i am maru" by mugumogu http://t.co/wucYm1rTue Aug 16 16:29:40 via Tweet Button

@CatChatCaren is a fun and generous tweeter with a popular pet blog Cat Chat with Caren & Cody. She is very active in the cat blogosphere and shares the "best of the best" cat-centric news. Her kitty Cody is her wry sidekick.

3. @catsparella

NEW POST: Cat Cupcakes Tuesdays! http://t.co/vEdi5AuTue Aug 16 14:05:26 via web
The 24/7 queen of kitty pop culture! @Catsparella has got her paw on everything cat. All the latest and greatest in the cat world--including feline fashion, food, kitty news and interviews, music, TV, and the obscure!

4. @Brian106sc

Pet of the Week: Beautiful Cat Carmen is just waiting for her new forever home - Woodinville, WA Patch http://t.co/AzDsaA6Sun Aug 21 13:11:10 via LinksAlpha

@Brian106sc is a force to be reckoned with in the animal rescue world. Brian, a tabby cat, with 5 sisters has a mission: "adopt cats, we deserve it." He is the voice for cats and other animals who are seeking their forever homes. Brian's tweets save lives.

5. @CatFoodBreath

I'm going to spend tonight resting up for the weekend nap-a-thon.Sat Aug 20 01:22:55 via web

@CatFoodBreath is a 17-pound Siamese cat with a sushi habit. Cat Food Breath tweets smart advice on everything from dieting and napping to getting rid of the dog.

6. @Consciouscats

Pets bring us joy ever day, but sometimes, they bring us moments of magic http://t.co/eAnfVsPThu Aug 18 10:32:54 via Tweet Button

@Consciouscats tweets on conscious living, health and happiness for cats and their humans. Ingrid King is the author of  Buckley's Story: Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher and publisher of the popular blog The Conscious Cat.

7. @YourDailyCute

Today's Cute: Cuddly Cat and Dog Snuggle in a Blanket http://t.co/GokSt0TMon Aug 22 15:09:44 via HootSuite

Get your daily dose of cute! @YourDailyCute tweets the most adorable kitty videos, paws down. Can you say, Awww!

8. @Hauteornotpets

Kat sKratch Fever... http://t.co/RmBOXlo Not Really!!! Just a Super #HAUTE must have for your kitten!!! #MMMon Aug 22 13:19:32 via bitly

@Hauteornotpets tweets the HAUTEST cat (and dog!) products out there. It's the premier online resource for the best pet products on the market! Plus Haute or Not...Pets administers the prestigious Horn Pets Approved seal for the hautest of the hautest pet products.

9. @Catster

Miaao kitties! Here's something fabulous fur you http://t.co/RZ0CEZ6 #meowmondayTue Aug 23 00:21:08 via web

@Catster is the place for all things cat--health, behavior, pictures, news, interviews and more! You'll find a community of cat lovers here!

10. @Petfinder

Have you picked a pet to tweet for #TweetAPetTues yet? 360,000 are looking for homes right now: http://www.petfinder.comTue Aug 09 14:35:01 via HootSuite

@Petfinder speaks for homeless cats, dogs and other animals seeking adoption. Petfinder has helped more than 17 million pets find homes!

11. @IHaveCat

single cat men...come out come out wherever you are!Tue Aug 23 03:30:49 via Facebook

Single with cats? You'll find a like-minded community @IHaveCat... and maybe even love... if not the 2-legged kind how about the fluffy and reliable 4-legged kind.

12. @Moderncat

New Bent Plywood Cat Lounge from CANOPYStudio http://tinyurl.com/442upjpFri Aug 12 12:38:58 via twitterfeed

@Moderncat tweets the chicest kitty accessories, furniture, art and other trend-setting finds for the stylish cat.

13. @Cattipper

Cat of the Day: Sasha, Russian Blue Mix - My Cat's Name: Sasha My Cat's Age: 5 (I think) My Cat's Breed (optional): ... http://t.co/C64a1wmMon Aug 22 20:26:15 via HootSuite

@CatTipper tweets the best cat tips, reviews and weekly giveaways. Cat lovers will want to submit their kitty photos to Cat Tipper's Cat of the Day! From the folks who bring you DogTipper.

14. @kittycommittee

@kittycommittee follows the daily lives of foster kittens from the Tacoma/Pierce County Humane Society and resident cat Charlene Butterbean. Talk about cute!

15. @RomeotheCat

@RomeotheCat is a fundraising marvel. The two-time rescue kitty raised 50K for animal rescues since 2/09! Romeo the cat has his own popular blog, Romeo the Cat.

16. @zootoo

Proof that dogs and cats *can* be BFFs.... http://fb.me/TiRLGyhFTue Aug 02 17:38:15 via Facebook

The ultimate destination for all cat lovers. @zootoo tweets pet pictures, videos, trends and reviews.

17. @peoplepets

VIDEO: Sorry Jionni! @Snooki calls her cat Rocky 'my best friend' http://ow.ly/69p98Mon Aug 22 16:00:03 via HootSuite

@PeoplePets tweets celebrity pets, like Snooki's cat, Rocky; world's cutest pet contests and animal news.

18. @catladyland 

Want to know the secret to world peace? http://t.co/xsOXWtmMon Aug 22 17:15:27 via Facebook

@catladyland admits she like silly stuff. And she has a great sense of humor regarding her 3 furballs: Sassy, Cosmo and Phoebe.

19. Anipals Cats
@tinypearlcat @mariodacat @ShaynaCat and all the wonderful cats and anipals on Twitter who raise significant money for animal shelters with their pawparties. Purrs to all!

20. @pawsandeffect

Why Are My Kittens Always Crying? http://t.co/5mDMcZ9Sun Aug 21 14:10:55 via NetworkedBlogs

@PawsandEffect offers kitty advice by cats—Siouxsie Mew, Thomas T. Bombadil and Dahlia P. Kittenface — with some help from their mama, JaneA Kelley.


"Miracle Cat" Lazarus gives gift of life to others! http://t.co/illgrLl #cats #catswithjobsThu Aug 18 04:08:32 via web

And I'm on twitter too @careers4yourcat if you want your freeloading feline to get a job! It's time for your cat to move from the couch to the boardroom!

I know I probably forgot someone. So please leave your favs in the comments!

If you liked this post, see 12 Vets and Clinics All Pet Lovers Should Follow on Twitter. I also plan in the future to feature cat behaviorists who are on Twitter.

Photo credit: DougWoods

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  1. Thanks for including Your Daily Cute on the list! What a great bunch of people here. Love them all!

  2. YAY! Awesome post!! Thank you for including me!! :)

  3. Meeow! We are truly honored >^..^<

  4. Oh WOW!!! I am HONORED, FLATTERED and THRILLED to be part of a list of people that I hold in such high esteem!

    THANK YOU!!!!!
    BTW this was an incredibly clever idea!

  5. Thank you so much for including me, I too am honored to be included in such great company! I so appreciate the kind words, but we all make a difference only when we do it together!!!

  6. Heading out now! <3 XOXO

  7. WOW! Thanks sooo much for including me! So honored Ann! Great idea for a post and even met a few new pet folks along the way! SEE YOU SOON!

  8. I do follow some of these lovely cool cats, but have to admit to being a little underwhelmed by twitter, so often forget to go and look!! I'm not a very cool cat! lol. Will try harder

  9. I assure you I am not biased, but #5 is the best.

  10. Yay, I gotta catch up with the ones I don't have!!

  11. Catfoodbreath is the best! So funny.

  12. Awesome!! Thank you so much for including me in this fantastic group!!

  13. Nice list and I am following most of them already but you left off RabidRantingCat!!

  14. I don't do Twitter but the list looks great! I know some of them as they have regular blogs, too :-)

  15. Thanks for sharing this great list! Now I have to get moving to follow them.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I had a lot a fun at BlogPaws and loved meeting everyone. I was sorry I had to leave early, but was happy to be there as long as I could.

  16. OH MY CAT! If this list had been the top 21 cats it would have been us FOR SURE. Who is this author and whare does he sleep. I've got some under the bed peeing and tootsie roll leavin' to do!!!

    - Rosie & Cheeto (@Rosieandcheeto)

  17. Hello, everyone! My kitty and I have an account too! <3 Feel free to follow my kitty, Miruku, for your heavy dose of cuteness! :) Hit me a shoutout! See you there! www.twitter.com/HelloMiruku


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