Cat Ears That Respond to Your Mood: New Fashion Accessory

Did you “hear” about the new fashionable kitty ears that respond to your mood?

Okay, I'm speechless. But maybe I won't have to say anything, if I'm wearing these fluffy white cat ears.

The ears are like a 70s mood ring, but more advanced.

Neurowear, the Japanese company who developed the ears said the  “cat’s ear shaped machine utilizes brain waves and expresses your condition before you start talking. If you are concentrating, this cat’s ear shaped machine will rise. When you are relaxed, your new ears lie down.”

The company wants to design organs that don’t exist to show that the body doesn't have limitations. The ears or Necomini is the first project Neurowear introduced. The company plans to create other fashion items and gadgets using brain waves.

How are you feeling today? Are you in a purr-y mood or feeling a little hissy?

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  1. These are so amazing! I actually remember the mood rings of the 70's.
    And you look great in the ears, too!


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  2. I would giggle if I saw my Dad wearing those!

  3. I hope they design something that changes colour too! Red for annoyed, blue for..erm.. feeling blue etc! Yay! take care

  4. Hahahahahahahahahhaaaaaargh !! You're pulling my err tail!!

  5. WTD? What will people think of next? They look silly with cat ears!

  6. oh no! wonder if we can get the bunny to wear a pair also! crabbit ears! lol

  7. Cool !!! The ears can move !
    But if my mommy wear that, I RUN !!!!

  8. MOLOL! our mom would totally want to try those...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  9. Thanks for sharing those with us. Not sure I a ready to put on a pair of ears on a regular basis but might be fun for Halloween.

    Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana
    Two Little Cavaliers

  10. Wow!
    Even though I DO have ears, do you think they would show the Cat From Hell (who is my sister) what my mood is?
    Sam the Dog

  11. Hahaha! IDK if they really work, but I kinda want to wear them around town while also wearing a hidden camera to capture all of the strange looks I receive!!

  12. It sure is very interesting!! It must be fun to have ears which move with the mood swing!

  13. OMC those ears are the BEST ever!!! I want to see what "hissy" looks like!!! MOL!!!!


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