Cat Product Testers Review iPad Painting App

Dashiell the cat, a product tester, analyzes the iPad painting app.
Delia, Archer and Dashiell snagged jobs many would envy. They specialize in testing high-tech gadgets for CNET, a respected electronics and computer product review site.

The three freelancers followed an unusual career path. They are all self-taught. And they never worked a day in their lives, before this assignment. They prefer to take long naps during the hours of 9-5.

However, the freeloading feline product testers get by on their charm and good looks. And they possess discriminating taste, a key qualification for the job.

The cats were hired--along with their human, Amanda Kooser--as product testers and reviewers for Crave the Gadget blog from CNET. The kitties first assignment for Crave was to review Paint for Cats, an iPad painting app.

As reported by Kooser, the felines took their new job seriously.

Delia--a small black domestic shorthair kitty--was the first to run sophisticated tests on the painting app in the state-of-the-art research laboratory bedroom.

Delia the cat is responsible for performance testing.
With the eye of an engineer, she observed the rainbow-striped mouse wiggling on the screen. Then noted when she placed a paw on the screen to touch the mouse, a puddle of color appeared. The result pleased the reviewer. It was difficult to disengage the tester from the product. And even harder to catch that @#*! mouse.

The second reviewer, Archer--a large black domestic shorthair kitty--carefully examined the app. He ran some tentative tests and confirmed his co-worker's results.
Archer the cat puts the app through the paces.
He then left work to watch a bird.

The final reviewer, Dashiell--a gray tabby--was content to approve his fellow felines final report.

Dashiell the cat mulls over the test results.
Then he had to run off for an appointment under the bed. 

After intensive testing, the cats concluded that kitties can create great art on the iPad painting app. Here is the result of their study:

Masterpiece by Delia and Archer.
They gave the Paint for Cats iPad app: 4 paws up!

You can read their review at CNET.

Photo credit: Amanda Kooser
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  1. hahahaha! Someone would pay good money for that masterpiece!

    It is good to see that the app was thoroughly investigated and tested by the experts >^..^<

  2. Great post and in-depth review! Love the pinks! One of Curlz and Swirlz extended family is quite an iPad artist, too...check this out!

  3. Kittehs make the best testers EVER! They did a pawsome job. We hope they were well rewarded for all their hard work.

  4. That is so cool, I'm quite impressed!

  5. How cool! Great job testing and great review, kitties! And your artwork is beautiful!!

  6. That's Magic !!!! My mom love it !!!!
    and I can see A Cat in the paint ( On the right ) He is pink with big eyes !!!!

  7. Wow, what a great job that would be! Maybe we should convince our Mom to get an IPAD! We love the artwork!

  8. Lots of fun things to see here! Thanks for coming over to visit my blog Ann ~ I shall be back again!
    xo Catherine
    PS ~ love the kitty and owl video below!

  9. Thank you for coming to our party - we will come over and see you again soon.
    Luc Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. what a great job -- and what a beautiful work of art they created!

  11. That painting is great! What a terrific review, too!

  12. I fink I need to get this one! I haz a mousie, rat, spider, bouncy ball app. So far I'm not thrilled with it. I put it in the same cat-agory as laser pointers, where's the beef? Mum says this archaic saying...


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