"Fashion Cats" Book Features Supermodel Kitties in Adorable Apparel

Princess Prin struts her stuff, from the book Fashion Cats
Princess Prin, a snowy white cat, and Prince Kotaro are the inspiration or cat muses mews-es for the Japanese designer, Takako Iwasa.

Fashion Cats book
The cats are poised to become the supermodels of kitty couture in the new book Fashion Cats by Takako Iwasa. They are photographed in the "latest" kitty fashions.

You can purchase Iwasa's designs online, where the designer or Prim Mama as she is known, sells everything from young lady blouses to rabbit hats for your kitty.

Read the designer's interview with Vice on how she got the idea to create couture for cats.

See the making of Fashion Cats
photo credit: Takako Iwasa 

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  1. WOW!! That IS high fashion !!!
    Daisy the Curly Cat is the only fashion model we know, heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  2. Um...I think this should come with a "do not try this at home" warning. MOL...I wouldn't dare try dressing my kitties because claws and skin just don't go well together!

  3. Haha! That's great ... though some of those cats don't look very pleased to be modeling. :D

    We know Daisy, too ... she and Harley are very talented models!

  4. So cute!! That elegant pink outfit is perfect for the white coat of Princess Prin!
    I love the wig, too...it's just too cute!


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