Cute Japanese Cat Items at Philly Shop... and a Chance to Win a "Meow" Kitty from the Store

Win a rolly-polly kitty--this sweet cat "Mews" when cuddled!
Last month I drove down to Philadelphia to visit a dear friend who was in town for a conference. While she was at the conference, I had fun bopping around the city.

I had no plans to do any shopping. That is until I came upon the Omoi Zakka Shop. The tiny store is packed with unique and adorable products--everything from lifestyle items, men's and women's clothing and stationery. Omoi is based on the Japanese zakka shop and features "anything that enhances your personal space, your life or your appearance."

Take a peek.

Omoi on Pine Street in Philadelphia
Cat lovers: I walked into the shop to browse and walked out with 4 purr-producing kitty-related items.  And, you have a chance to win one of the Yura Koro Tamago "Meow" egg kitties that I picked up at the shop. I want to share a little taste of my trip to Philly. Just enter the giveaway below! (Yes, I was thinking of you on my vacation!)

The owner and curator of the shop, Liz Sieber, loves cats. It's pretty obvious from all the cute cat items that the store offers. Liz is owned by Yuki, which means "snow" in Japanese, although she's an all-black cat. Liz is warm and welcoming, as is her staff. I highly recommend stopping at this charming treasure shop if you are in town. A reviewer from Yelp said Omoi is, "a little slice of Tokyo in the heart of downtown Philly."

Below are just a few of the kitty items the store sells.

Yura Koro Tamago Meow Cat (Rolly-Polly Kitties) Giveaway

I bought 3 adorable rolly-polly "Meow" egg kitties. I had to have one, so one for me. *Smile.* One for my sweet niece who has 2 cats. And a chance for you to win the one in the above video, my friend. Just leave me a comment and tell me who it's for.

The Yura Koro Tamago egg kitties "Meow" for attention and when you cuddle them, they give a happy "Mew!"

I'll throw in these fun kitty stickers I bought at Omoi, too.

Cat stickers


Owner's Favorite Kitty Pick: Solar Powered "Maneki Neko" or Welcoming Cat

Solar-powered welcoming cats.
The solar-powered "Maneki Neko" is Liz's favorite kitty-related item in the shop.

She said, "Each one is made in Japan with kimono silk bodies and solar powered tails, and are inspired by Japanese maneki neko, (traditionally these are shown with a waving paw, rather than waving tail).  The white kitty welcomes good luck, gold welcomes good fortune and black welcomes good health." Contact Omoi for more information on the Maneki Neko.

Necono Digital Camera and Pouch

Ceramic Necono Digital cat camera with pouch.
The Necono Digital Camera is the sweetest little camera you've ever seen. The camera, in the shape of a mod striped cat, takes both regular photos and video. The cat has tiny magnets on its paws so you can place it in unusual spots. You'll have to wait until you unload the photos on your computer to see what you shot. Watch the video to see how the camera works.

Wooden Cat Tape Dispensers

These wooden cat tape dispensers have purrs-onality!
How can you resist these wooden scotch tape dispensers in the shape of a cat. Office work will be so much more fun. The dispensers are available in black wood or natural.

The store wrapped up my purchases, in nice Japanese presentation style.

Purchases from Omoi

I'm looking forward to going back to Omoi!

Store Information:
Omoi Zakka Shop
Omoi Blog
Facebook page
1608 Pine Street 
Philadelphia PA 19103 
Phone:  215-545-0963

Win this "Meow" kitty by entering the Giveaway. 
(valued at approximately $20.00)
At the end of this post leave a comment and tell me who the rolly-polly "Meow" kitty is for.

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Contest Ends: Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 11:59pm (EST time). The winner will be chosen randomly.

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Click HERE to see the winner of the Meow Kitty giveaway.
Photo credits: 
store front, solar-powered welcoming cat, Necono Digital camera and logo: all used with permission of Omoi.
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  1. I'd love to win! So adorable! And it would be for me, actually. I love kittehs more than anyone else I purrsonally know.

  2. Aww! It would definetely be for my husband who turned me into the crazy cat lover I am today :) But realistically it would be for our cat Monster who is the sweetest but is also named Monster for a reason :P

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. i am in love with this!! i right now am without a cat because i had to move to a cat free place so until then i'd love to have a teeny tiny mewing kitty to keep me company until January when i can get a kitty! also i just really love adorable wacky things.

  5. I would love to win this for my little sis who I inspired to become a "cat lady" at just 7 years old. She loves to send my husband and I cat cards filled with cat stickers!

  6. I have a cat named Verdi that loves things that make noises and mew. She snuggles up to them because she wants them to feel happy. She is pretty sick right now and I think she could use a friend besides her hyper sister, 'Zilla.

  7. It's for me! I just got the cat piano app for my iPad. Watching our cats respond to the meowing/music is hilarious. I can only imagine their reaction to the "Meow" Kitty.

    Jo Skidmore

  8. This is so insanely cute! If I didn't keep it all for myself, I'd give it to my sister. She love cats as well as all things Japanese.

  9. honestly I would love to win, but I'd like to give it to my mom. She was diagnosed with overian cancer last month and honestly I think something like that might be kind of a small thing to cheer her up and perhaps a reminder to keep fighting and not to fall down.

  10. I thInk the products are amazing! Especially the camera! I'm not entering the competition, but just wanted to comment :)

  11. What a wonderful shop!!! How super cute! I'd never leave that shop - they'll have to throw me out! LOL!

    Awwww good luck to all entering your fun giveaway!! Take care

  12. What adorable items! We won't enter the draw, but will wish everyone else the best of luck!

  13. Oh of my best friends would go crazy for a magical mew kitty! That would be a swell Christmas gift for her.

  14. I would love to win this for my boy Joey, a true kitty lover!

  15. I would absolutely love this for my 12 yo niece! We are all Cat lovers though, so a fight may ensue! LOL:)

  16. My name is Lauren Noelle Schmidt (my WordPress blog username is different).

    I lost my cat, Trouble, five years ago, and I miss her so much. Her purrs, her meows, her cuddles...everything about her. I'd love to have this cute little cat egg as a tribute to her! I collect cat items in honor of Trouble. It would be like an early birthday present. My birthday is December 14th. ^__^

    I am definitely going to check this store's website out. I could spend hours in there! Too bad I live in Ohio. There aren't any cool stores like that here. :(

    I studied Japanese in college, and developed a love of the culture as well as the language. I wish I could win a Maneki Neko, too, but I mustn't be greedy!

  17. I would give this to my daughter to keep her company while she's away and missing her kitties at home.

  18. I would like to have this for my Great Niece who is 1 in a half years old her Mother my Niece has gone thru radiation and chemo and many surges since she was born and we had recently also lost a cat from cancer and same with her them their cat died to from cancer!!Please Michele Towne

  19. That is just beyond cute, and I would love to win it for ME, because I am the craziest Crazy Cat Lady I know!

  20. My little troublemaker, Max Factor, would be the recipient of this wonderful prize. It might keep him out of trouble for a while as it makes the cutest noises ... only second to his little chirps and mews.

  21. I'd love this adorable kitty. I have quite the collection of cat-related items and cats for that matter LOL. I would like to see my kitties reaction to the meowing as well :)

  22. What a great store, and such cute products! We would take that roly-poly cat to the shelter ... the kitties there will love it!

  23. Oh how cute! Those cats get all the cool stuff!

  24. i wanna give this to my friend who just got 2 cats, she would love this!

  25. name va
    It would be for me because I have never had something like this before .
    tumblemumbo at
    intl . thanks

  26. Cute!!! I've been to Philadelphia twice in the past. If I knew about this store, I sure went!
    I'd love to enter for the giveaway. It'll be for me, of course :-)

  27. Oh my goodness, if I won this I would give it to my friend as an early birthday present, she LOVES cats^^ (my email:

  28. I would absolutely love to win this for myself. Selfish, but how can I not when cute Japanese design meets cats? <3

  29. Name: Laarnie Barcelon :3

    I would LOVE to win that adorable kitty because I love cats c: I think they're all so very cute and adorable even though they may be a little hard to take care of. ^^

  30. If I won this, I would give it to my friend Becca. We both attend The University of the Arts in Philly, right around the corner from Omoi. We visit a lot and when we have some extra cash we indulge in cute wares. Every time we go in, she mentions how much she'd like to have one of those rolly polly cats (she's a HUGE cat lover. I'm more of a dog person). We've both had a somewhat hard time this year, so I'd love to make her day with a gift c:

  31. If I was to win this, I would give if to my friend Hannah as a part of her Christmas gift. Out of all of my friends, all of whom love cats, she is the craziest about them. She collects pictures, postcards, cat toys, and even paints pictures of her own cats. She is so in love with her cats, she makes them boxes for them to sleep in for Christmas and their Birthdays. I mean, I love my cat, but the effort she puts into making sure they feel absolutely loved is amazing. I would love this giveaway fro myself, but i feel she would appreciate it even more. Good luck to everyone!

  32. I want to give this cute adorable kitty to my friend Alina who loves cats. She loves cats & I really like to give people gifts to make them scream and go happy/hyperish ~ It's just fun giving people things C:

  33. OH MY GOSH! That little kitty would be for me! I could SQUEEE at it all day long! I bet my cats would like it too. They liked the stuff kitty that meowed when they batted at it.

  34. For my 20 yr old daughter, who loves everything Cat AND Japanese related! Meow!

  35. it would have to be for my wife, she does so much for others it would be great for her to get this, not only because we love cats, we have a houseful but she love hello kitty and the whole Japanese kitty fanzine.

  36. If we won the rolly polly kitty, we would give it to our mom. We know she would love it! Not as much as us, though.

  37. This would be for my niece.

    rhoneygtn at yahoo dot com

  38. Danielle Andre/

  39. How much movement is is required in order to make the cat meow? I work with children with severe profound disabilities and this looks like something they would be able to hold and possibly activate if it doesn't take much movement since they have a hard time holding anything or moving.

  40. I would give this to my grandma and grandpa (and their cat)!!

  41. Well, we're a cat loving family, but truth be told, it'd probably end up going to my cat loving daughter....and her 3 cats.


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