Do Big Cats Purr?

A content cat's purr is the best sound in the world. Have you ever wondered if big cats purr?

Big Cat Rescue, the largest accredited sanctuary in the world dedicated entirely to abused and abandoned big cats, is often asked this question. To find out the answer, watch the video. You might be surprised.

Big Cat Rescue is located in Tampa, Florida. It is home to over 100 exotic big cats. You can follow Big Cat Rescue's Facebook page.


  1. I saw this video yesterday, and I was surprised to learn that cats purr when they are hurt too?!? =(
    I don't like it!

  2. That was such an interesting video! Thank you for sharing, Ann! :)

  3. Very interesting and informative video, thanks for sharing! I find it fascinating that only certain species of the big cats purr.

  4. What an interesting video! I was not aware that big cats purr! Though I've heard cats purr when they are injured because purring has a healing power.

  5. Ann, Big Cat Rescue is not what it appears or advertises itself to be, go to if you are interested in the truth. By the way rule of thumb as far as purring goes, If it roars it does not purr (lions,tigers,leopards,and jaguars) if it purrs it does not roar (cheetahs,cougars are the largest of the purring cats the rest include all of the smaller wild cats as well as domestics). It is also true that cats purr not only when they are content or happy but also when they are excited or nervous!


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