Mad Men Cats Advertise National Hairball Awareness Day

Mad Men cats created out of cat fur for
National Hairball Awareness Day.
Last month I found myself in the hairiest situation of my life. If you had walked in the room you would have seen me surrounded by cat fur, thick as carpeting. Al, a ginger kitty, was curled on his back like a croissant, purring loudly. His face with a look of utmost contentment, as my niece Emma brushed him with the FURminator deShedding tool. You could almost make a new Al with all the fur we collected. Instead Emma and I had another purpose. We were going to craft a celebrity figure out of Al's abundant fur.

National Hairball Awareness Day 2012
April 27 is National Hairball
Awareness Day 
"What?!" you are wondering. Was I dipping into Al's nip? No, I was asked by pet blogger, Caroline Golin of and her kitty, Romeo, to participate in National Hairball Awareness Day (April 27th). For the last three years Caroline and FURminator have brought together cat bloggers to raise awareness about the prevention of hairballs through grooming. This year I was sent a complimentary FURminator tool and was asked to create a celebrity creature from the groomed kitty's fur.

The result was Mad Men cats. Al and his brother Ringo had enough fur for us to make 4 members of the cast: (left to right in the above photo): Elisabeth Meows (Peggy), Jon Hamm-alayan (Don), Janu-purry Jones (Betty) and Cat-tina Hendricks (Joan). And as Al and Ringo are redheads they love the character Joan. We were honored PeoplePets chose to feature Joan along with 8 other creative celebrity fur creatures including Snooki and Conan O'Brien in "Hack it Up! Stars Get Hairballed."

The FURminator team also picked 5 Furball Celebrity finalists. Head over to FURminator's Facebook page and vote for your favorite. The winner will receive a $1,000 donation to the cat-related non-profit of their choice. The winner will be announced April 27th. Click on the badge below and you can see all the celebrity fur-ball creatures created by the talented pet bloggers.

Although we did not make the finals, Emma and I had fun with this furry and fruitful craft project. We would like to give a shout out to the two worthwhile rescue organizations where we volunteer and would have picked to receive the donations: Jersey Animal Coalition, South Orange, NJ and Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc., Oakland, NJ.

We love how the FURminator tool works on the Orange Bros. fur. After Al had his relaxing "spa" treatment, he's become a big FURminator fan. He looks forward to his sessions.

FURminator deShedder
You can purchase a FURminator tool at authorized retailers including pet specialty stores everywhere, veterinarian clinics, groomers, PetSmart, Petco or from their online store at The tool reduces shedding by 90 percent.

Thanks to my sweet and crafty niece, Em.
A special thanks to Sam Moore, for creating the badge.

credits: Photo of Mad Men cats: Mary Caldwell Kane
All opinions are my own. I received a FURminator tool to participate in the contest.

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  1. We love your fur celebrities! We sure had fun pawticipating this year!!

  2. Your furry celebrities are great, Ann! We have to try to get in on the fun next year. :)

  3. Wow that is a lot of fur!! One of my boys grooms himself a lot and tends to get hirball, but he also likes to be brushed. Still, I gotta watch his hairball... It's good to be aware!

  4. I loved your hairball celebrities! Cats love the show Mad Men, I watch it regularly! MEOW! Thanks for participating!!


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