'Dancing with the Stars' Cats Shine.

Dancing Al.
Dancing Ringo.

Ringo, a ginger kitty, and his brother and dance partner, Al, joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at their extensive preparation. Team Orange Brothers said their plan was to psych out the competition with unexpected and fancy moves. Surprisingly, the partners didn't fit in any rehearsal time because of their dedicated nap and snack schedule.

Ringo (l) and Al in preparation for their big night.

"We expect to win," said Ringo. "We're just too adorable."

"Even Britol Palin is calling in a vote for us," said Al.

The Judges:
Mary: A librarian who admits she has two left feet. She may have had one of the ginger stars in her bed. Hey, only a rumor.
Emma: An artist who finds the two furry stars are unlike any other dancers she has ever seen. "Very unique," she says. Hopefully she won't show them any favoritism.

Watch Team Orange Brothers show off their Dancing with the Stars moves in the hope that the judges reward them with a juicy 10 or a piece of London Broil. The boys danced a Rumba. And the music was James Taylor's "You've Got a Friend."

And what did the judges have to say?

The Librarian: "Ringo, I gotta tell you there was a moment out there when you looked like you had no neck. What happened to subtle? But you recovered nicely at the end. You've got some real bounce in your step. What a flying leap! I give the performance a nine.

The Artist: Jabba the Hut Al I could see it in your eyes that you were going for the tuna. You've got it kid! I give Team Orange Brothers an eight.

Viewers go to the phones and vote for your favorites.
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  1. Pawsome moves! We were very impressed.

  2. Awww Ringo and Al!! 10/10!! Yay! take care

  3. The smooth style of their moves was amazing. Such strong stage presence. Upstate NY gives them our votes!!!!

  4. We think you are both just terrific. It is a tie. What good dancers. Take care.

  5. I'd rather watch the kitties than the "stars" any day! The KITTIES are the REAL "stars!!"


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