Famous Newsstand Cat in Hong Kong: Meet Brother Cream (VIDEO)

Take just one look at this sweet fluffy and you'll understand why he's famous in Hong Kong. The busy celebrity cat, Tsim Tung Brother Cream or Brother Cream for short, understands how to work the Hong Kong newsstand where he is employed. You'll buy anything from this savvy salescat. And it might even be a product with his picture on it.

Brother Cream FB page

The popular British Shorthair cat has over 158,000 likes on his Facebook page and has "written" 2 books. Last year the ginger and cream kitty attended a book-signing event for his second photo book Cream Chicken Soup released by Kam Pui Enterprises. Paw print stamps served as his "signature." As reported by cuteoverload, the cat's owner, Bee Ko, who also owns the newsstand said, "part of the revenue Brother Cream made would go to charities that help stray animals.”

Brother Cream's cute mug graces covers...

Brother Cream FB page

and is even on the side of a bus for a television series he filmed.

Brother Cream FB page

Brother Cream became famous in 2012 when he reportedly was kidnapped. According to the website kittyarmy his owner, Ko, put out the word that Brother Cream was missing. He was found 26 days later in an alleyway. Wikipedia said the news was published on the front page of local Hong Kong papers. That's when Brother Cream's Facebook page started to take off. The page had over 26,000 likes in 2 months.

The nine year old feline has a female companion named Sister Cream. She has her own Facebook page.

Brother Cream FB page

Brother Cream hard at work... (he has Monday's off)

Brother Cream FB page
Brother Cream FB page

You can read an interview with Brother Cream's owner at HK.

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