Cat is Certified as Psychotherapist

Dr. Zoe D. Katze, Ph.D., C.Ht., DAPA at work.
Dr. Zoe D. Katze is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Board Certified Psychotherapist. She is also a playful kitty who has gotten her head stuck in a Kleenex box.

Dr. Katze doing research.
This is one smart cat (other than the accidental Kleenex incident)! And she has got the degrees to prove it!

According to Dr. Katze’s owner, Psychologist Steve Eichel, he applied for licenses in his cat’s name as an experiment.

Dr. Eichel said he had “become increasingly heedful of all the questionable credentials...”  in hypnosis and psychotherapy.

After Eichel made his cat an “authorized” user of his credit card, he applied for certification on Katze’s behalf at a lay hypnosis association's website. Once Katze had an official credential she was able to go on and get multiple hypnotherapy certifications.

From there they moved on to the big time.

One of Dr. Katze's many certificates.
As reported by care2, Eichel applied for board certification for Katze from the American Psychotherapy Association. When the APA asked for a resume he created one highlighting her experience at the“Tacayllaermi Friends School” (“I’m really a cat” spelled backwards.) You can see the certification she earned above.

You can visit Dr. Zoe D. Katze during office hours at her own Facebook page.

photo credits: Steve Eichel
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  1. A much cheaper and less stressful way of getting certified. I'd go see Dr Katze. She should have her own TV show !! lol

  2. Wonderful! I find that the Kleenex-box therapy is just what I need when I am feeling anxious.

  3. and scary too (if it's really that easy to get certified!)

  4. Oh, that's funny! But we think it maybe wasn't such a good idea to let her be an authorized user on his credit card.... he's gonna come home one day to find a whole truck load of nip in his front yard. :)

  5. Best news we've ever seen! And it's just the beginning of a world wide takeover by us. Just think of all the $ to be made -- a veritable pulling of the purrsstrings! Our mom says she might be in love with Eichel ;)

  6. Oh what a wonderful story! I've heard many kitties work at hospital for patient's mental care. Dr. Katze is so cool and smart! I'm sure when she had her head in a Kleenex box, it was intended for something very important :-)

  7. I am wondering if all of the time Steve Eichel spent fraudulenty obtaining certifications could have been better spent volunteering at the local humane society.

  8. Now theese one is a good one! What a story! And Ann, I agrees with you completely, I thinks it's important for us felines to find our dream jobs, so thanks for helping steer us in the right direction. PS: Thanks for visiting us.

  9. Carolyn: Dr. Katze should have her own TV show! No stress therapy! haha!

    Angie: I've heard it's great for anxiety. Dr. Katze invented Kleenex box therapy. She tested it then perfected it. It's like one of those immersion tanks.

    T: thank you! And yes, it's good to know that patients should be cautious about certification!

    The Whiskeratti: That's an excellent point. Dr. Katze might say she needed a truckload of nip as a pharmaceutical for her patients! haha!

  10. Luscious Lucy: If you are planning world domination, you might want to keep it quiet. One must be sneaky! But I like your thinking. If you are taking over, you'll need some cash! :) Your mum might be in love with Dr. Katze's owner! (I will keep this quiet too.) Now nobody read this!

    Caren: Thank you! :) We could all use a sweet doctor like this! hugs!

    Tamago: Yes the research she is doing is very important. I just told Angie that the Kleenex box (oh, it has to be the registered Kleenex!) is like one of those immersion tanks.

    Anonymous: I see your point about how Eichel obtained the certificates. However as a psychologist himself, it appears he was trying to help patients. He was concerned about the number of mental health practitioners using questionable credentials. In other words, people should be savvy about checking credentials before they trust their mental health with a counselor.

    Cloon: I'm so glad you agree how important it is that felines find their dream jobs. What's the point of having 9 lives if you are not living productively! And thanks for visiting me too!

  11. LOVE it !!
    hey it is already proven CATS lower ones blood pressure. so, in theory, a CAT therapist would be highly beneficial and probably more instinctual toward helping those in need and HEY if a kleenex cant stop the leaky eyes a good few minutes on the head with the box and things might just seem better- like sensory deprivation. Cat just might be onto something.

    LOVE it !!!!

  12. I wonder if it pays well??? Hey, you asked about how many sibs I have...just 4 sisters!

  13. Kleenex Box Therapy sounds really interesting. Will it work just as well if we immersed our butt or paw instead of our head?

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  14. I'm concerned that my insurance company won't sell me malpractice insurance. Did you get that taken care of yet?

    I see my friend Lynn Stohr up there in your Careers for Cat's book! Small world!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  15. Ah, the joys of being treated by a cat and not a quack.

  16. MOL! Yeah, I have done that thing with the tissue box too *sigh*

  17. Brian: Ahh, you are the man of the house!

    Remington: Thank you!

    Slash & Bronzy: Good point. I would say yes. But since I am not a certified medical specialist, we will have to pose that question to Dr. Katze.

    Stacy: Dr. Katze will have to ask his staff that question. He has an office manager because he has absolutely no idea how to even order a paper clip! :) Thanks for visiting me here!

    Jan: haha! That's the story in a nutshell! Many times I would prefer a cat over my physician! :)

    Batu: Oh dear. Glad you had staff to extract you from the tissue box!


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