Cutest. Kitten. Ever. Rescued from Glue Trap.

When you see Elma's picture, you immediately fall in love.

She is lucky to be alive. The 4-week-old kitten was caught in a sticky glue trap meant for mice or rats. Her tail was glued to her leg. She could have slowly starved to death.

Caring individuals at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals-Angell Animal Medical Center (MSPCA-Angell) worked overnight to save her life.

The sweet kitten was named Elma after Elmer's Glue.

See photos and read more about Elma's amazing rescue here.

In addition MSPCA-Angell offers: "7 Tips for Humanely Resolving Mouse and Rat Conflicts."

Photo credit: MSPCA-Angell


  1. Poor thing! Thank goodness she was rescued! She sure is a cutie. Those sticky glue traps should be banned!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  2. Such a sweetie. You gotta love that one picture with them holding Elma under the water: "HELPPPP!!!!"

    We've never quite figured out the point of those glue traps. On top of everything else, they really aren't that effective.

  3. Wow. Such a sweet little girl she is. We're so glad she was rescued.

  4. You are sure right, we fell in love with her immediately. I am so happy someone saved her!

  5. Cara n Crew: I agree, those glue traps should be banned.

    The Lee County Clowder: Yes she didn't like that bath! And yes those traps are just inhumane.

    The Whiskeratti: She is such a sweetie. And lucky!

    Brian: You feel in love too! I just felt a connection with her when I saw her. So happy she was saved!

  6. Poor kitty.... and wow -- you weren't kidding about the cute factor! Thank goodness someone found her. Now she can live a happy life :)

  7. Thank God for cat people! I think they are the most adorable creatures! I picked up a new kittie on the side of my road right before Christmas. She had eye and nose infection and was tiny; her face looked awful. You should see her now; she looks great and is so lovable. veronica from n.c.

  8. Angie, yes, what some kitties have to go through to get a loving home.Poor little girl.

    Veronica, I agree-- thank God for cat people! How wonderful of you to rescue this sweet little darling. What a nice Christmas story! And now she has a loving family. She must feel so lucky. I would love to see a pix of her! I also have a Facebook page where you could post her pix if you would like. It is at: Careers for Your Cat.


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