Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Meet Matilda III: The New Algonquin Hotel Cat

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Matilda III is the new “Directfurr of Guest Relations ” at the famous Algonquin Hotel in New York City. She is an adopted ragdoll cat from the North Shore Animal League America.

Matilda has her own Twitter account and Facebook page! (And her own executive assistant to help her with the typing!)

Matilda's duties as stated on her Facebook page are: "To welcome all guests to the famed Algonquin Hotel in New York. And to nap in every corner of the hotel's historic lobby."
Matilda III replaces Matilda II who retired to Brooklyn last year after a lavish send-off party. 

The Algonquin has had a cat in residence since the 1930s when a stray cat wandered into the hotel.


  1. I'd love to visit her and try one of The Algonquin's $18(!) Matilda cocktails! :)

  2. Catsparella: Me too! She is just a gorgeous kitty.

    I just looked up the ingredients of the Matilda cocktail: Belvedere Pomarancza, Cointreau, Freshly Squeezed Lemon & Orange Juice, Splash of Perrier Jouet.

    Maybe in the spring we could make a run into the city and meet her!

  3. Catsparella, Ann, let get drinks! Can I have mine in my bubblie fountain? hmmmm I wonder if she's (Matilda) is single...

  4. I love the painting and I like Matilda's couch !
    Thank you to sharing : )

  5. She has a much cooler life than I do. Go Matilda! Bring on the cocktails!

  6. Koko: Yes! Maybe you and your Mum can come out to NYC and have drinks with Matilda, Catsparella and me! You and Mady would make a lovely couple! (perhaps we could arrange a tete-a-tete!)

    We could be the new Algonquin Round Table! And you can join us Mr. Puddy and Angie! :)

    Mr. Puddy: I want Matilda's couch in a large size. It is very stylish! And I agree, it is a very stunning painting.

    Angie: haha! What a life she has! I feel uncool next to Matilda too! She is quite the cool cat. Cool job. Cool NYC chick. And even a cool cocktail named after her. Bring on the cocktails!

  7. How beautiful, I just know she will do Matilda II proud!!!

  8. Brian: I think she will too. Everyone who sees Matilda's pix wants to meet her!

  9. Wow, the mom would love to stay at a hotel that has a resident cat. Very cool. She's a gorgeous ladycat who will be living a very pampered life--as she deserves!

  10. That looks like a purrfect job for a kitteh. Plus, she is quite a beauty (though our Mom thinks all kittehs and goggies are beautiful).

  11. Kea: I'll never stayed at a hotel with a resident cat, only a resident dog and a llama! But I agree with your Mom, I would like to stay there too. (although I would have to think of a good reason as I am only 13 miles away from the hotel!) Matilda does deserve a good life.

    The Whiskeratti: It is the perfect job. I'm wondering if there is some way Matilda and I could switch careers. Hmm. That is true: all animals are beautiful.

  12. HI Ann! Thanks for visiting our blog! We are adding you to our sidebar links so we can visit frequently and maybe some of our other friends will find their way here too! Good luck! Looks like you are already getting good traffic! That's awesome!

    Dana and Daisy

  13. Hi Dana and Daisy: Thank you for visiting! I did the same for you too! Hope you are keeping warm! :)

  14. Wow, that is a great life for a cat! I just found your blog and look forward to reading more. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. :-)


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