Beanie Baby & Hello Kitty Toymakers Aid Japanese Relief Effort

HOPE FOR JAPAN Beanie Babies to support Japanese Relief Effort

You can help the relief effort in Japan by pre-ordering these exclusive HOPE FOR JAPAN and I LOVE JAPAN Beanie Babies.

Ty, best known for its Beanie Babies, collaborated with its licensing partner Sanrio, maker of Hello Kitty to help the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Ty will make a donation of $1 million to the American Red Cross on behalf of this exclusive Hello Kitty Beanie Baby as reported by Business Wire. The company will also contribute $1 million to Save the Children Foundation on behalf of the HOPE FOR JAPAN Beanie Boo.

Hello Kitty® I LOVE JAPAN Beanie Baby® 8" Nurse. You can pre-order here for $4.99.

HOPE FOR JAPAN Beanie Baby® Boo 6": You can pre-order here for $4.99.

The Beanie Babies will ship in June.

As reported by Child Mode, Ty has already donated $1 million to the relief efforts, and Sanrio had a "Day of Donation" where 100% of their on-line proceeds went to Japan.

The founder of Ty, Ty Warner, said, according to Shopping Blog, "After hearing about the devastation that occurred in Japan recently with the country having to cope with earthquake, tsunami, fires and radiation aftermath, I felt the need to somehow help. As manufacturers of Hello Kitty plush toys, I felt it would be both a symbolic and heart-felt expression to support Japan by making this very special Hello Kitty Beanie Baby toy."

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Photo credit of 2 Beanie Babies: with thanks to Child Mode

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  1. Oh wow. These are adorable!!! Perfect pressies to give!! Take care

  2. Totally adorable! We bet they'll raise a lot of money!

  3. Our Mom is too crazy about Hello Kitty stuff.

  4. These toys are so cute! Thank you for sharing the story. It is still so much going on in Japan. But I think they can overcome difficulty with so much support they receive.

  5. What a great idea! We love Hello Kitty!

  6. Hi Ann, just surfed on by to say: Thank you for your kind words about Baci. All my webfriends old and new have been a great comfort. I hope this finds you very well indeed, and I know I'm hoping to have a good spring. Not that I don't miss Baci but I know she's free.

  7. Nurse Hello Kitty is just the cutest!! I think this is a fabulous idea, and love that companies are coming together to help the cause!

    p.s. A May cupcake date would be divine!

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  9. Ohhhh, i love hello kitty, it's so cute...


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