Can You Help Janine's One Person Cat Rescue? Dedicated to My Caring Followers

I had to share this story with you that I discovered online about an amazing woman who single-handedly provides food, comfort and healthcare for 40 stray cats in Rochester, New York. She spends about $5,000-6,000 of her own money each year.

Janine Wagner is up at 5:30 am every morning, no matter the weather, to care for the abandoned cats. The cats have come to depend on big-hearted Janine’s one-person rescue operation for their very survival.

Janine makes her rounds in the inner city--including some drug-ridden parts--delivering food, water and blankets to cats in 9 different locations. As reported by at each spot there is a “lean-to or cat box” to protect the cats from the elements.


If you would like to make a donation to Janine's Cat Rescue through ChipIn it is greatly appreciated. Your help will allow Janine to buy food, blankets and the necessary supplies the cats need to survive.

Sometimes Janine gets discouraged on her blog because she can't help all the cats. Let's show her that we appreciate and support her wonderful work.

The reach of her compassion for cats goes far. She has:
  • Found homes for numerous stray cats (and fostered them in her home)
  • Trapped-neutered-released feral cats paying the vet bills
  • Rescued pregnant cats off the street
  • Taken sick cats (infections, frostbite etc.) to the vet and paid the bill
  • Paid the vet bill for a woman who adopted one of her rescues because she could not afford it
  • Decreased the population of cats in some spots she visits
On her blog, Janine said, "All these animals I rescue are like my children, and when they are adopted, I trust that they will be spoiled and loved just as I would do for them."

Dewey, a cat that now has a home because of Janine.
I posted the story of Janine on my Careers for Your Cat Facebook page. One of my followers, Jenn Brinkley, generously asked how she could support Janine's efforts. I followed up her question by asking my followers if they would support a ChipIn if I posted it on my blog. This post is the result of the compassionate cat lovers on my site.

"My dream," Janine said, "is to have a place to bring these cats where they will not be euthanized, and they will have a safe, warm and loving environment to live their lives out in."

If Janine fulfills her dream of having her own shelter, abandoned cats "will have a sanctuary" and be very lucky, indeed.

I do not know Janine personally. I came across the video she did with a local newspaper and was touched by her caring personality. She is not a rescue organization. I have not told Janine that I am raising funds for her. The funds will go into my PayPal ChipIn Account. When the fundraising is over Janine will be able to access the money through PayPal. I will be happy to answer any questions at

A big thanks to my friend Brian Frum for explaining ChipIn to me. He is a brown and gray adopted tabby who lives with his 4 adopted sisters and is a passionate advocate for all cats. His motto is "Adopt cats, we deserve it!" Follow Brian at his blog here. And Twitter here.

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  1. donated, wish I could have donated more! I will also share xoxoxoxo

  2. That really is a remarkable lady, I gave a little and will also spread the work. I'm very proud of you for helping.

  3. People like Janine are so awesome. Thank you for helping. We will try to rustle up a few green papers to help.

  4. What a touching story. Our Mom said she will see what she can do about getting some green papers her way.

  5. Hi

    What a great lady and thank you for doing this chip in thing. I gave a little - hope it helps. Take care

  6. Thank you for letting us know about Janine, Ann! Such a great story..and kudos to you and your followers for starting the ChipIn to help her cause! Cat lovers are the best!

  7. Thank you for coming by to visit us at Zoolatry. We'll stop back again here to read and view a little more. You might be amused by our upcoming Sunday post... in light of your book; the post is "hard working kitties". Come by again if you have time...

  8. I made the Human send a few green papers to this nice lady!

    Thanks for visiting me today!

  9. Made a small donation, as much as I could. Bless you for helping the kitties!

  10. What a wonderful lady. Janine sure makes difference! I chipped in a little..I hope it can help. Thank you for sharing the story.

  11. Brian does wonderful work for cats and we like his motto. And your new friend you are raising money for sounds like quite a woman!

  12. I do know Janine personally, as a matter of fact I just recently had the honor of meeting her. What a fabulous woman! Fun to be around too!

  13. I couldn't resist! I just sent a contribution so that this great gal can continue her mission.


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