Abyssinian Cat Exercises by Jogging

JJ, an Abyssinian cat, loves to jog. He enjoys intense workouts at Vancouver's Stanley Park with owner Christopher Weeks and Week's partner, Rick Bellairs. You'd almost think this cat is a... dog. But, ssh! don't let JJ know!

Follow JJ on his own Facebook page: Jafari

You can read more about this unique feline at the Vancouver Sun.
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  1. I think JJ knows exactly what he is doing! After reading the Vancouver Sun article about him, it sounds more like he's trained his humans than the other way around, wink wink.

    Way to go, JJ! You rock! =^..^=

  2. Awww JJ!! Your humans can't keep up with you! LOL! Take care

  3. Loved the tail practically curled over his back with pleasure!

  4. Oh I wish I could get Sookie and Darcy to do this.. I've tried leash training a few times but don't have the willpower to see it through. Good on JJ :)

  5. hints on leash training a cat?

  6. Some cats take to walking on a leash better than others. We have two abys who only get to go out on leashes. One does as well as JJ in the video, the other is usually more reluctant. Do realize that leaves blowing in the wind or a squirrel crossing the path will get priority over good leash manners!


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