Blind Cat Who Paints Raises Money for Shelter

Mr. Magoo in contemplation.
Mr. Magoo, a blind cat, is the resident artist at the Valley Animal Center in East Central Fresno, CA. As reported by ABC Action News, the cat is known for his unusual abstract-expressionist style. In the studio, the artist dips his paws into the paint and twirls around as the feeling moves him.

The one-of-a-kind pieces are selling for $30.00. The animal center is using the proceeds to help find families who are ready to adopt.

The nine-year-old cat is blind as a result of an upper-respiratory infection that sadly never got treated. His trademark moves were caused by psychological stress when he was tethered to a leash outdoors. Continuous circling became his outlet.

Mr. Magoo cannot be adopted as the center believes an unchanging environment is best for him. However the sweet cat can be sponsored.

Photo of Mr. Magoo: Petfinder/Valley Animal Center


  1. I have mixed feelings about this. It is very sad that he had been treated so badly, in fact it makes me extremely angry that people are so cruel. I hope this painting outlet is therapeutic for him. Maybe he likes the feel of the paint?

    very interesting video x

  2. Mr Magoo! Poor thing! :-( It's so sad when you understand the reason why he goes round and round. Poor Mr Magoo.

    I hope he continues to feel happy and free and loved where he is now! Take care

  3. This kitty certainly tugs at your heartstrings. What a beautiful life he now has, safe, warm, loved...*sigh*
    We wish and hope that someday more disabled cats will be treated with love and respect.

  4. It also tugs at my heart strings. I feel like the poor cat needs some help rather than go in circles all his life. I wonder if he ever just stays still or walks in a straight line. It is good that the paintings are bringing money in for the shelter but I feel like Mr. Magoo needs a little better life. Maybe not.

  5. Poor Mr. Magoo! As I played his painting video, Skootch hopped in front of the screen to watch.

  6. Oh poor Mr. Magoo. Knowing what happened to him and seeing him going in circles just breaks my heart. It's great he is now being cared and loved and safe. I hope he has a long happy, wonderful life.


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