Cat Goes for 200 Mile Ride Under Car Hood


Eclipse the cat took a 4-hour, 200-mile journey across Ohio under a car hood. The friendly, black and white cat was discovered after Wayne Polk, the owner of the Eclipse truck, pulled over to a rest stop. He smelled something funny coming from under his hood and when he investigated he found the feline. 

The poor cat's fur was badly singed on his right side and he had burns. As reported by Mail Online, Eclipse was taken to the Cloverleaf Animal Hospital by the Medina SPCA and the vet, Dr. Linda Randall, said the cat was "going to be fine."

Today, the Medina SPCA gave an update about Eclipse on their Facebook page, "He finally ate food on his own this morning for the first time. He was scheduled to have surgery to clean up his wounds this afternoon. We're hoping that he'll be well enough to go home with our vet tech for the holiday week-end. He is a real trooper."

The Medina SPCA is trying to find his home.

Sending healing purrs to Eclipse.


  1. Awwww poor Eclipse!! So glad all these wonderful people are helping him!! Me and Charlie hope he recovers quickly and finds his home! He's just adorable - so friendly and perky despite his ordeal! Thanks for sharing this clip here! take care

  2. Wow! Eclipise had quite a ride! No wonder Daddy gets mad when me crawls up there. Me would not want to do that!

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  4. Eclipse is one lucky kitty. I hope they find his home soon.

  5. We only saw part of that video on our local news. Thanks for the whole story!

  6. WOW! That's one lucky kitty! Hope he makes a full recovery :)

  7. Awww. I can tell he's a really nice kitty. I hope they either find his owner or someone adopts him - he's clearly a "people" cat!

  8. Oh that poor kitty! I can't begin to imagine how terrified he must have been for those four hours. Thank Cod the man stopped at a rest area. The cat is friendly and socialized so he must have humans out there who miss him. I hope they get reunited!

  9. Poor little guy, healing purrs to him for sure! Unbelievable. Hope he finds his previous owners or a new wonderful family very soon. Happy Holidays to you Ann and many blessings to you in the New Year!


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