Spirited Kitten Healing from Fire Inspires

Jacob the kitten was recently saved by firefighters from a horrifying house fire, yet he has an indomitable spirit. The 3-month-old black and white kitten--now healing from the fire--has burns on all 4 paws and his whiskers had melted. Yet he wobbles around on his bandages determined to play.

Jacob is now being cared for at the Nebraska Humane Society. He will need medical treatment for some time but the medical team is "confident he will recover."

The good news from the Humane Society is,
"one of the police on scene has expressed an interest in adopting Jacob, and one of his caregivers is absolutely smitten with him, so we think he'll have a home before he's completely healed!"
The sweet kitten is an inspiration to all.

In honor of Jacob and his recusers good work, this week's "Sunday Cat of the Week" post will feature Mushu, a cat from the Nebraska Humane Society.


  1. Awwww!! Yay for Jacob and all those who rescued him and continue to look after him!! What a gorgeous spirited brave kitty! Take care


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