Henri the Cat Has Ennui. Sigh. (VIDEO)

Has Henri the cat been reading Sartre? I'm loving this bored French kitty's take on life. Is there any more to day-to-day existence than a long nap?

Watch the hilarious videos featuring philosophizing Henri and find out.

Henri's ennui continues...


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photo credit: Henri, le Chat Noir Facebook page.


  1. Loved this!! Aww Henri!! So wise and full of ennui! LOL! Take care

  2. LOVE Henri! He is so philosophical, so calm. I especially liked the "Paw de Deux".

  3. Yet another thing that people did not know about us cats... we are deeply philosophical. It is an art really. Great job Henri!!

  4. MOL! I saw this video last week ... it's so hysterical, I just watched it again. :) Thanks for sharing it, Ann.

  5. LOL!!! Oh Henri, I love you! You are hilarious!! I am sure in your real life you are very happy kitty...but this video...oh just made me laugh! I love the part "I make new friends...but seldom keep them.." So funny!


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