It's National Hairball Awareness Day: 5 Furry Facts You Should Know

National Hairball Awareness Day 2012

  • Cats digest a lot of hair when they self-groom. Their rough tongues have backwards-facing spines for effective cleaning. A short-hair cat can ingest 1.24 ounces of hair a year.
  • Up to 2/3 of a cat's shed hair can be ingested as they groom. 
  • Since indoor cats are exposed to less natural sunlight their bodies lose track of seasonal changes. They tend to shed in a relatively continuous fashion and unlike outdoor animals do not experience the same fall and spring sheds. (Source)
  • Hairballs can be a sign of discomfort and potential serious issues including intestinal blockage and loss of appetite.
  • Frequent grooming prevents hairballs by removing the undercoat. A FURminator deShedding tool is an effective way to prevent hairballs from happening before they create problems. It decreases shedding by 90 percent. 

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