Patti Smith Sings Lovingly to Her Cat in "Dream of Life" (VIDEO)

What a sweet, unguarded moment. Patti Smith, "the Godmother of Punk", sings to her cat, who is clearly captivated. As an observer you feel privileged to have this very private peek at her life. The clip is from Patti Smith: Dream of Life (2008), an award-winning documentary by Steven Sebring. Sebring followed Smith around for 10 years after the loss of her husband, Fred "Sonic" Smith, guitarist for the MC5.

Patti sings "Amore Che Vieni Amore Che Vai" by Fabrizio De André, but in an English translation.

After reading Patti Smith's Just Kids, a memoir of her early life in New York City, and seeing this snippet, I really want to watch the entire documentary. I'm surprised I never came across the clip until now.

Patti Smith is a known cat lover. You can find numerous photos of her online posing with her feline friends, many taken by famous photographers. Check out a photo of Patti in 1974 with a black cat.
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  1. Sweet! Though kept expecting the kitty to go for her!!

    I saw that Cameron Diaz was on a chat show over here the other night talking about her love of cats :)

  2. Awwwwww!!!! What a beautiful clip and precious moment! Awwww this is lovely! Thank you for sharing! Beautiful! Take care

  3. That was haunting and sweet. I sing Beatles songs to my cats (although badly) and they love it too so that was cool to see!!

  4. Haha ~ cute! As is the hugging kitty below ~ so sweet!
    xo Catherine

  5. Back in the day (in the 70s) I was majorly in love with Patti's song "Because The Night" my opinion her version was the best, even better than Springsteen's. I never knew at the time that she loved cats...that makes my love of that song that much sweeter! Loved the video!

  6. Lovely and tender, just like a relationship should be! Thanks for sharing.


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