"A Cat in Paris"-- Animated Film Charms

Dino is both cat burglar and loving companion.
In A Cat in Paris, a feline named Dino has a secret life as a night time cat burglar. He is the partner of Nico, a jewel thief with a "heart of gold." Together they clamper all over the rooftops of Paris.

When Dino's owner, Zoe, a 7-year-old girl, is threatened by gangsters, the cat and Nico team up to save her. The beautifully animated film was an 2012 Academy Award nominee for best animated feature. It was directed by French animators Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli. The film has a noir sensibility with a sense of humor.

 Dino the cat comforts Zoe.
I invited my sister and niece--both cat lovers--to see the movie with me. So last Sunday afternoon we were in Times Square at the AMC Empire 25. The film is only 65 minutes long. We probably spent more time taking the theatre escalators to the top floor of the building than we spent watching the movie. The showing included a short animated feature "Extinction of the Saber-toothed Housecat."

We all enjoyed A Cat in Paris. We loved Dino. His sweet antics (and adorable purr!) will delight. Although Dino is definitely the star of the show, the city of Paris is a worthy co-star. There is an exciting scene at the end of the movie showcasing Notre Dame Cathedral.

Dino the cat with Nico on a roof overlooking Paris.
Afterwards I took my sister and niece to Hershey's Chocolate and then to Baked by Melissa Cupcakes. I had three bite-size cupcakes--Cookies n' Cream, Red Velvet, and Cinnamon. Delish! What could be better than cats, chocolate and cupcakes! (Right Catsparella?)

What flavor should we get at Baked by
Melissa Cupcakes? (one of each!)

You can watch the trailer for A Cat in Paris here:

English cast
Steven Blum: Nico
JD Blanc: Victor Costa
Marcia Gay Harden: Zoé's Mother
Anjelica Houston: Zoé's Nanny
Philippe Hartmann: Mr.Hulot

Illustrations: A Cat in Paris Facebook page
photo of cupcakes: Rachel from Cupcakes take the Cake

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  1. Wow!! What a fascinating trailer!! Ooh didn't like the slipper thrown at the dog! But love how mama was a gun toting bad*ss policewoman! Yikes!!!

    Thanks for sharing! I'm salivating at the cakes! Yum! Take care

  2. Oh the movie looks so cute and fun! I love the trailer.
    And these cupcakes look yummy :-) Good movie and sweets - what a nice time you had!

  3. I SO want to see this movie! Thanks for the review and trailer, Ann! :)

  4. This film looks charming. Looking forward to seeing it. Thanks for the trailer!


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