Find Out if Your Cat Has Psychic Abilities: Take the Test (FUNNY CAT VIDEO)

Visit my friend Batu, a psychic Birman kitty from Australia at his blog, The Adventures of Batu Khan. He gives Sunday affirmation readings

The Amazing Batu!          photo credit
Stop by and say hello. Batu is not only clairvoyant, he is also gorgeous!


  1. LOL!!!!!! Yay!! Love this clip - such gorgeous kitties!! Awww Charlie is so psychic! I know he sees leprechauns! Briliant! Take care

  2. MOL! That video was terrific. We're pals with Batu, too. His Sunday affirmations are pawsome!

  3. Aww, awesome! I love Batu, too!! Beautiful kitty.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing our video!! Big Hugs xoxox
    Come visit us anytime at our youtube channel

  5. Hahaha what a cute video!! My kitties do play with invisible objects...we always say they are playing with ghost cat!


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