Scamper the Cat Receives Voter Registration (VIDEO)

Scamper filling out the form with his Hello Kitty pencil

Scamper the cat feels it is his obligation to do his patriotic duty. He just received in the mail, his Virginia voter registration--with his name, Scamper Angeles, preprinted on it. Watch the video to see him filling out the form with his favorite Hello Kitty pencil.
According to, Scamper's owner, Ursula Angeles, said she originally thought it was a joke and posted the form on her Facebook page. Her followers said, "Some said Republicat, some said Democat, and I thought, well he would have voted for Paw-lenty if he would have stayed in the race," joked Angeles.
Although maybe Scamper might just vote for Hank the Cat, a Maine Coon, who is running for Senate in Virginia. You can read more about the furry candidate at Vote for Hank the Cat for Senate!

In the meantime, remember to register to vote. If your unemployed cats can get out the vote, then you can too!


  1. That is funny!
    Best wishes Molly

  2. It is funny though and Scampers is totally adorable!

    But yes, people, please please vote - it's a precious right to have!! Please use your votes! Take care

  3. Oh how great Scamper gets to vote!! I wonder if he is Republicat or Democat :-)

  4. So funny! Scamper ... beware of the candidates that promise more tuna (they almost never follow through on those campaign promises). ;)


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