Vote for Hank the Cat for Senate!

Hank the Senate candidate strikes a patriotic pose.
Hank the cat is an independent running for Senate in Virginia. The rescue cat is a handsome 9-year old Maine Coon from a hardscrabble life on the streets. He was taken to an animal shelter and was on death row. Fortunately he was saved by Animal Allies, a rescue group.

Hank wants to replace the seat of Senator Jim Webb who is retiring. The cat is a write-in candidate running against former Virginia Governors Tim Kaine and George Allen. The furry politician's slogan is "A Better Virginia... A Brighter Future." Here is Hank's inspiring campaign video: 

His campaign headquarters is run by his staff from his home in Springfield, VA. Join the Hank for Senate Facebook page and check out his website.

As reported by contributions to Hank's campaign will go to rescue animals.

Become a "Friend of Hank" today! You've got my vote, Hank!

Show your support for Hank with a bumper sticker.

Photo credits: Hank for Senate Facebook page


  1. Yay for Hank!!! Me and Charlie think you should run the world! Take care

  2. Hank is the best-looking candidate I ever did see. Oh... if only I had a vote. I, Nerissa the cat, don't even get to vote here in my own country. Life isn't fair.

  3. What a cool, handsome kitty Hank is! He has definitely gotten my vote!!


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