After Shower, Dainty Cat Dries Face on Towel (VIDEO)

Bianca enjoys her shower.
Bianca the cat loves her spa treatments. She makes time in the week to pamper herself. After a relaxing shower, she dries her face with a nice soft towel. 

She knows all about the good life. 

source: catster.


  1. OMC ! She is SUPER SMART !!!!
    I couldn't believe . Well we kitties have own servant why we have to do that by ourself...tee..heh..heh

  2. Awwwww love how she dries her face after!! yay! take care

  3. So cute!! My cats think water is the devil in liquid form.

  4. Wow, we have to teach Moosey how to dry his head. He LOVES water, but then he walks around with wet furs (which is a problem only when he shakes it off all over us. Ha ha!).


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