Rescue Cat Is Skilled Shell Game Player (VIDEO)

Kido the Cat is a Pro Shell Game Player 

Kido has got some street smarts. The handsome white rescue cat shows off his talents as a shell game player. Watch the video to see the expert choose the shell where he thinks the ball is. Who says you can't win the game. Now if he was only playing for money.

Kido was abandoned twice by two different families in his first 6 months of life. The cat was listed on a shelter's kill list when his owner met and adopted him. The lucky cat has since become the love of her life.

His owner said, "I could never understand how people would abandon a sweet and fun kitty like Kido. It's their loss and I hope they will realize. I hope all homeless animals can find their forever loving home. "

The video has since gone viral with over a million hits. You rule Kido!

Would you consider giving some lessons?

source: vetstreet


  1. That is amazing. He is a smart kitty and a handsome one too. Love that video.

  2. that is so funny. i love the nonchalant look on his face.

  3. What a beautiful kitty Kido is. And he sure is good at that shell game! The look on his face is like, "Don't worry. I've got this." :)

  4. Good kitty, lucky kitty, smart kitty! That was a cute video.

  5. What an amazing video! Kido sure is a very special kitty! I can't believe some humans just abandoned such sweet glad he found his real loving home :-)


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