Twitter Saves a "Blind" Cat's Life

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A Twitter message and a compassionate vet save a cat's life.

Dr. Michelle M. Brownstein, a vet in Rochester, New York, saw a desperate Twitter message about a black and white blind cat named Nick who was to be euthanized the next day.

The message included a picture of 12-year-old Nick on death row in a New York City shelter and it melted Brownstein's heart.
"There was something about his face, his posture," Brownstein told Democrat and Chronicle. "It just got to me. The cat had absolutely no hope."
And so Brownstein posted on the Pets on Death Row Facebook page:
I will take Nick.. I own Henrietta Animal Hospital in Rochester, NY. just need someone to bring him up here.

Mick in his new home.
There are thousands of cats at shelters desperate for a home. And this holiday season one lucky cat named Nick, renamed Mick, has a happy home.

And more good news, it was discovered Mick is not blind, he had cataracts.

Read more here in the Democrat and Chronicle the newspaper that broke this story about the remarkable people who helped saved Mick and got him to his special home.

In an amazing turnabout, you can follow Mick's new life here on Twitter. The very technology that saved his life.


  1. this made me cry with happiness...thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Oh wonderful -- THANK YOU Dr Brownstein!!Nick's got a good life ahead of him, and now he can SEE!!! <:-D

    But still ... I think of all those other cats who WERE euthanized that day at that shelter -- and all the others all over the nation. I hope that one day those kinds of deaths will no longer be "necessary".

  3. I love this story..thanks for sharing!

  4. ACE Attura: I totally agree...I too hope that one day those kinds of deaths will no longer be "necessary."

    Catsparella: Thank you! :)

  5. What a wonderful rescue. We hate that any animal is ever on "death row."

  6. Jan's Funny Farm: I totally agree. So awful any animal is ever on death row. I know so many people who opened up their homes to rescue kitties. And the owners feel so fortunate.


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