"Careers for Your Cat Giveaway" Winners! And a Surprise...

The moment you've been waiting for! The winners of the "Careers for Your Cat Giveaway." The numbers have all been picked randomly using the Randomizer.

Okay, here it goes!  Kitties, drum roll please! Oh! Wait. Wait. Wait.  I almost forgot.

I am so pleased with the big show of support and enthusiasm for the giveaway from my followers on Facebook, Twitter and my blog. You all said such nice things. Thank you!

Well your good mood, put me in a good mood. Plus, I am infused with the holiday spirit... or too much egg nog!  So I picked 3 additional followers (randomly) who will receive--2 Yeowww! Premium Catnip Stinkies and a signed copy of my book, Careers for Your Cat.

Now for the drum roll, Kitties!

GIFT #1 Winner
Lucky Cats: Gwen & Tyler
Follows: My blog (Google Friend Connect)

The Stash: (valued at approximately $70.00)
* $25 PETCO Gift Card (valid in store or online)
* Crate & Barrel Cat Treat Jar
* Crate & Barrel Meow Red Cat Food Bowl
* Crate & Barrel Round Cat Mat
Careers for Your Cat book signed by the author to your cat(s)
* Halo Liv-a-Littles Select Seafood Combo Treats
* 2 Yeowww! Premium Catnip Stinkies


GIFT #2 Winner
CONGRATS TO: Bucky & Sue
Lucky Cats: Bucky who is going to give the gifts to his sister Tillie
Follows on: Twitter

The Stash: (valued at approximately $36.00 )
* Crate & Barrel Meow White Cat Food Bowl
* Stretching Cat Calendar 2011
Careers for Your Cat book signed by the author to your cat(s)
* 2 Yeowww! Premium Catnip Stinkies


GIFT #3 Winner
Lucky Cats: Air and Space
Follows on: Facebook and Twitter

The Stash:  (valued at approximately $29.00)
Sleeping Cat Calendar 2011
Careers for Your Cat book signed by the author to your cat(s)
* 2 Yeowww! Premium Catnip Stinkies

Signed Copy of Careers for Your Cat and 
2 Yeowww! Premium Catnip Stinkies

1. Catsparella 
Lucky Cats: Charlie and Priscilla 
Follows on: Twitter and Blog

2. Shelly Hooven
Lucky Cats: Zeppy, Li'l Kitten, Echo and Smidgen
Follows on: Facebook

3. Brandy Anderson
Lucky Cats: Victoria, Andre and Black Cat
Follows on: Facebook

Congrats to all the Winners. And thank you all for entering. I hope to do it again!

WINNERS: Please contact me at: careersforyourcat (at) gmail (dot) com by Tuesday, December 21st. Or I will have to pick another winner. 
Please send me your address and 
who the book is for so I can sign it for them.


  1. YAY!!!!! CONCATULATIONS to ALL of the winners!!!!!


    Those are some CATABULOUS PRIZES!!!!

    Cat Chat http://opcatchat.blogspot.com

  2. YAYYYYYYY!!!! Thanks, Ann (and Caren!!) ..emailing you right now!

  3. YAY!! Love your enthusiasm Caren. So decided to add my own YAYYY!! to yours and Catsparella's.

    Now, how do you react Caren, if YOU win! Haha! Calm and dignified. I know.

  4. Congrats to the winners!! And YAY to my friend Catsparella!

    Ann, Caren is wildly enthusiastic all the time -- that's one of the reasons I love her so. :)

    Have a fan-tabulous weekend everybody!!

  5. @Ann, "calm and dignified" are words that would NEVER be used in the same sentence pertaining to ANYTHING referring to ME! lol
    @Angie...(((((hugs)))) thank you!!

    Yeah I am sort of enthusiastic...guess it comes from the 20+ years I spent in sales...if YOU don't believe in something and convey that...others will NEVER jump on board xoxoxo

  6. OMC OMC...woooowhooooo.......O tank u..o tank u..*happy dance*.....!!!!!!!
    Heh heh...Sue here, thank you so much, this is so very very appreciated..you'll never know how much. I'll e-mail you right now! **joining Bucky in the happy dance**

  7. This is so awesome! What a wonderful surprise!

    Caren, I love concatulations, I'm totally stealing that. :)

    Happy Holidays to all!
    Laura, Air, and Space

  8. Angie, Haha! Yes, that's why I love Caren so too! Her purr-sonality jumps from the page of my blog. In fact I thought I saw her in my living room just a few minutes ago. ;)

    Caren, don't make excuses. You don't have to be calm and dignified. Leave that for Cody! ;) I love people who are passionate about life. Unlike the cat with his 9 lives, we only have one!

    Laura, I'll "borrow" conCATulations too! ConCATs to everyone!

    Sue: I'm happy Bucky won, just to see his Happy Dance!!


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