Purr-fect Gifts from Pylones for Cat Fans

If you're a cat lover, treat yourself to one of these fun items from Pylones.

I love to take visitors from out-of-town to this fanciful store in New York City. The shop originated in France and now has 5 stores in Manhattan.

Pylones (Pee-lone) takes ordinary objects--everything from a fork to an umbrella--and transforms them into something creative and colorful. You just want to giggle.

One of my picks is the kitty savings bank (see above). A cat with real purrs-onality! Stash away your extra change and save up for some goodies for your favorite, finicky feline.
Mini Stapler--White

Cat Umbrella--Offered in Many Colors 

Cat Utensils: Fork and Spoon

Keychain Animal Frame--Cat


  1. Oh...the Door Stop is A-Door-Able! Thanks for the Links!

  2. So cute! Can't believe I've never been there. I have a big crush on that tape dispenser!!

  3. If i got that tape measure i'd never be able to actually measure anything. The cats would think it was a toy for them!
    Have you seen those pencil sharpeners where you stick the pencil in the cat's butt? ha!

  4. Adorable! I'm seriously tempted by the cat tape dispenser. I could take it to work and NO ONE could steal it without being obvious about where it came from. I'm THE cat person at work. :)

  5. these are extra cute!!! the tape dispenser and stapler are my faves!

  6. Mom love Door Stopper Cat & stapler..so SO CUTE !!!!

  7. Love the kitty savings bank - in fact love all of them !!

  8. I gotta have that piggy bank. No question about it.

  9. Oh they are so cuuuuute!!! I love them all! I especially love cat umbrella and fork & spoon. I have to check out this store!


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