Cooper the Photographer Cat: A Real Artist

Cooper the photographer cat poses with his camera.
Cooper, a 5-year-old American Shorthair cat from Seattle, is quite the artist. Once a week he goes about his daily routines with a camera attached to his collar. The result is a cat's perspective of life. His photography is lush and abstract.

Recently Cooper expanded his repertoire to videos.

His work has been shown at art galleries. He was recently featured on Animal Planet's "Must Love Cats." Enjoy his episode below.

You can purchase numbered, limited edition prints of Cooper's work at his website shop. They are signed with Cooper’s “paw-tograph” on the back.

In addition, the talented feline has a book, Cat Cam: The World of Cooper the Photographer Cat, that showcases his photography. A portion of the proceeds for the photos and book goes to Paws Progressive Animal Welfare Society.

Cooper has his own Facebook and Twitter page.

Photo credits: Cooper the Photographer cat from his Facebook page.


  1. That is one talented cat. Move over Spielberg! And a very handsome fella too.

  2. That is so cool, and very impressive...4 paws up!

  3. Cooper is one talented kitty!!!! I bet he can get a job with the Kitty pawpawazzi now!

  4. Super Kitty !!! Look at that big !!!

  5. I love Cooper! He is so handsome, and he's very talented, too! I wouldn't mind owning one of his photographs!

  6. I think the cat is a better photographer than I am!

  7. Very impressive! Plus, he's a ginger cat... we luff the gingers here.

  8. I love this! Some of his pics look much better than mine!

  9. Oh he is such an amazing kitty! I love Cooper's works! Never heard of any kitties who take wonderful!!


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