10 Beauty Secrets for a Healthy & Happy Cat

Princess Fiona, pet-store manager at Iggy's Place.  
Princess Fiona is not your typical pet-store manager. The Saturday afternoon I arrive at the shop to interview her for her expert cat-care tips and product picks, she rolls over on her back looking for a tummy rub. 

As resident shop cat at Iggy’s Place, a pet store in Upper Montclair, NJ, she really knows how to work the floor to help with sales. Customers stop by Iggy’s just to say hello to the beautiful cream-colored kitty manager. She’s a favorite with local children. 

Princess Fiona hard at work supervising.
Life was not always easy for the personable 7-year-old cat before she came to Iggy’s.

“She was homeless,” said the store’s owner, Danny Heaps. “She lived in the woods in upstate New York.” Her luck turned when she was rescued one cold February a couple years ago. She’s been living with Danny ever since, and has made a home of her work place.

Although she enjoys what she does, especially working with the customers, Princess Fiona says she would give up her day job if someone offered her a forever home.

Princess Fiona checks the inventory.
As manager of a pet store that exclusively offers human-grade pet foods, as well as toys, treats and accessories for cats and dogs, Princess Fiona has the latest kitty products and information at her fingertips... er... claws.

She shares 10 of her beauty secrets and tips for a healthy and happy cat:

1. Eat a Nutritious Meal
Well, honestly, I'm a chicken kind of gal. Like any kitty with guilty pleasures, I enjoy my Friskies, but I love the juicy tidbits in Weruva’s “Grandma’s Chicken” Soup. It’s grain free and has pumpkin, too. Yummy!

2.  Go on a Diet if you Need to Lose a Little Fluff
I did lose some weight once, because I had a vacation in Miami scheduled. It was hard to give up my nom-noms, but it was well worth it once I got to the pool. I ate Innova Lower Fat and Innova Senior. I lost a couple of pounds--about two kitty clothing sizes--but I’m a full-figured girl and proud of it.

3. Exercise
Sometimes I get up to greet customers--that is always tiring. Other times, I catch mice in my sleep, which is very challenging and taxing. But in general, I don't overdo it.

4. Reward Yourself
Well, don’t tell anyone--but I do love Pounce

5. Reduce Stress
Yeowww! cigars and bananas stuffed with 'nip are my faves. I don't know why anyone would want to smoke one, when they are so much fun to sleep with.

6. Get Your Beauty Sleep
Well, I need 12-15 hours. It's really does wonders for my complexion. There are some very comfy Carolina Pet Company beds at Iggy's right now. I think I've gone through 3 or 4 of them so far.

7. Regular Grooming for a Shiny Coat 
Nothing like a good brushing to give my furs that royal look.

The pet-store manager on a work break.
8. Be Zen
Take time out to purr.

9. Play Games
A girl’s got to have her toys. When I’m feeling playful, I love my peacock feather. It’s as close to a bird as I’ll ever get. <Sigh!>

10.  Preventative Care
I hate the vet and prefer to bite him! (I think secretly he likes it.)

Stop by Iggy's and say, "Hi" to Princess Fiona.

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  1. Princess Fiona!!! Me and Charlie are taking down notes on your most excellent tips on how to be as beautiful and gorgeous as you! You are doing a great job snoopervising Iggy and we have everything crossed that you find a good forever home!! :-) Take care

  2. Old Kitty brings good news! You are a beautiful, beautiful Princess!

  3. Oh Princess Fiona! You are very hard working girl! Being manager at the pet store must be very hard...yet you keep your beauty. I love your 10 beauty secrets & tips :-)
    You seem to love your job...but nothing is better than forever home. I hope you will find wonderful forever home!!

  4. Wonderful advice Princess Fiona - very well thought out and helpful. We can't help but pay particular attention to number 6 - that one is a hard and fast rule in our house!

  5. Hooray - Princess Fiona has been adopted! What a wonderful thing they are doing at Iggy's Place, here's to many more successful adoptions =^..^=


    I confirmed this with the owner of the pet store. The information posted about Princess Fiona at the website is out of date.

  7. Such a beautiful kitteh! We hope she gets a great home very soon. But we imagine she's enjoying the current situation.

  8. My Akua needs to listen to Fiona on the exercise part. He's a big ole lazy boy.

  9. Princess Fiona, thank you for the great tips! We are purring and praying for you to find a forever home real soon.

  10. Hi Princess Fiona! I hope you find your forever home. You are one smart kitty!

  11. Love it as I love cats and to know more how they can be happy is a great one.


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