This Cat is a Real Escort

Like clockwork, Graeme the cat meets his owner's commuter train at the Melbourne, AU station every night. He then escorts her home.

And every morning the loyal 12-year-old rescue cat accompanies his owner, Nicole Weinrich, to the train. Graeme picks her up on the opposite side of the tracks in the evening.

The handsome cat is well-known among the train travelers and has his fans. He even has his own Facebook page, Graeme Riley, Ace of Cats.

As reported by the Herald Sun, Weinrich said, the feline "had roughed it on the street before being saved from the RSPCA's "death row" six years ago, so his love of people is tempered by his survival instincts."


  1. Wow! That is really cool! I wouldn't mind having Moosey and Sammy escort me to the train, but would worry too much about them being outside (they are indoor only boys). :)

  2. Now that is one kitty that takes their job seriously!!!

  3. I love it! What a lovely way to end your day at work than to have your cat meet you at the train station - aw!

  4. Goodness me!!! What an amazing special clevery intelligent kitty!! Glad he is also street smart and savvy enough to watch out for traffic!! Equally glad that people are very very nice to him! Yay!! Awwwwwww!!! What a cutie!!!!! Yay for lovely Graeme! I must admit though that if Graeme were my kitty, I'd worry buckets all day!!

    Oooh the link to Ace of Cats is broken?

    Take care

  5. this is incredible!!! I am so impressed by this kitty's devotion.

    My only fears would be doesn't the owner worry about someone stealing this kitty?

    The walking without a leash makes me super nervous (on the busy road) but apparently they know what they are doing

  6. This is a very heartwarming story. I am impressed by the Graeme's time sense and devotion. I have a taste of it as Herman greeted me at the door when I got home from work every night. I don't always get a greeting now, as I am retired and Herman has no idea when I will get home when I go out.

  7. oh Dog! How cool is that! I am impressed!

  8. What a smart and sweet kitty!! I just hope he stays safe outside, especially near the train.
    Thank you for sharing this cute story :-)

  9. Wow! That's so cool!!! I live a little far from the station and probably would worry sick if my kitty does that.


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