Hardware Store Cat is a Former Stray and Now a Town Celebrity

Jingles the cat recommends merchandise at the
True Value Hardware Store.
Jingles, an employee at the True Value Hardware store in Crested Butte, CO can often be found lounging around the store. Sometimes he's caught napping during work hours.Yet his boss would never think of firing him. Why he's good for business.

Jingles asleep on the cash register.
You see this employee is special. He is a cat who was once a stray. Seven years ago he came sauntering over to the hardware store looking to come in, reported WCNC.com News. The employees fed the beautiful grey cat. Jingles moved into the store and accepted a job as sales clerk.

Now Jingles is the toast of the town. Watch the video (below) and see his story. You can also friend Jingles on Facebook.

Photo credits: Jingles Facebook page.


  1. I love it when stores have cats or dogs as mascots or assistants--whatever you choose to call it. I'd much rather spend my money in a store that took in a stray or two! :-)

    -The Human

  2. YEAH!!! We love shop cats - he looks like a great employee.

  3. Awww that bad man who yelled out a very negative thing to Jingles spoiled this otherwise really sweet clip! Awwwww - Jingles is just adorable!!!! Yay for all the other wonderful people who love him and look out for him! Take care

  4. Mommy and Daddy loves to visit stores that has dogs or cats.
    They add character.
    Thanks for telling us about Jingles!

  5. so cool! our mom would shop at any store just because they had a kitty employee :D

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  6. Definitely a marketing ploy that works :)


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