Is This the Future? Robot Grooms Cat Remotely

The technology behind the Wii-controlled robot remotely brushing a cat is fascinating, but let's hope for the cat's sake it's not the future. I'm not sure most cats would take to this brave new world.

I suppose if you're on vacation, you could virtually brush your cat and talk to him--unless he freaks out and hides under the sofa! Although the gorgeous kitty in the video seemed to enjoy it for a little bit, until the robot bonked him on the head.

However I can envision many possibilities for the NAO-bot and it's hacked version. The following video demonstrates what else the NAO-bot can do. Watch the robot showing off its Michael Jackson moves.

Nao Robot from Venturebeat on Vimeo.

You can read more about the Wii-controlled robot at venturebeat.
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  1. Clooney says that providing the robot can spoon feed him Num-Nums while he sits back and relaxes, we'll take one! Wishing you a wonderful 2012 filled with many blessings. Happy New Year Ann!

  2. Hmmmmm! Austin says" Thanks, but no thanks, he already has his robot programmed!

    Happy New Year Ann x

  3. I sure hope this is not the future. At one point, it looked like the robot was going to poke the cat's eye out!

  4. Charlie wants one covered in nip! LOL!

    Amazing creations!! Happy new year!! Take care

  5. Don't like that bot one bit! Human brushing by hand is best for cats and humans! Skootch would run away SO FAST from that thing.

  6. Oh gosh, that seems a little scary! Moosey doesn't even like brushing from the Mom or Dad ... if that thing tried to brush him, it would be a nightmare.

  7. That is scary - I have to agree. I hate being brushed at the best of times, but that thing....


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