Good Samaritans Rescue Kitten in Storm Drain

Willie the kitten is a lucky lil' fellow. He was stuck in a storm drain in Savannah, Georgia when 3 women heard his cries for help. As reported by WSAV, the women called Animal Control but they were told it would be some time before the rescuers would arrive.

The women tried to rescue the kitten themselves but the storm drain was too heavy to lift. Then all of a sudden a man pulled up in his car. He volunteered his assistance. Willie's saviour pulled up the storm drain and jumped in and pulled him out.

Linda Elliott, one of the office workers, asked his name. He said he was "Willie." So Linda named the kitten after him. And now Willie the kitten is living with her.

photo credit of kitten (not Willie): Jennifer C.


  1. Ahhhhh, what a hero hooman Willie was. It so lovely to hear stories like this when your faith is renewed big time. We hope kitty Willie has a long and wonderful life and forgets all about his scarey moment in the storm drain :)xx

  2. It's a lovely story! Yay for Willie!!!

    I can't view the clip - it's just a black box at the moment but the story is just lovely!! Yay! Take care

  3. AWWWWWWW!! Willy is one lucky kitten! And VERY cute.

  4. awwww - yeah for those ladies and for GENTLEMEN who stop to help!!!

  5. Lovely! Hooray for Willy. He got rescued and a new name AND a new home. He's sooo cute, too. Brings out the mommy in us all (and the daddy in Willie the human).
    Wonderful uplifting story! My, my, there are nice people like us out there who love animals!
    Carol from Catitude.

  6. I just LOVE a happy ending. Thanks to all those peeps who helped little Willy. He's a cutie!

  7. Good old Willie! Cute kitty indeed :)

  8. What a handsome lil fellow he is! And what kind people to help him during his difficult time.


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