Cat Celebrates Cinco de Mayo and His Rescue

A year ago there was a good chance that Charlie the cat was going to be euthanized. However, he was fortunate. He found his forever home.

Here is Charlie playing a fun game of piƱata to celebrate both the one-year anniversary of his rescue and Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican heritage holiday.

Happy Anniversary Charlie!
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  1. Hooray for Charlie and Happy Cinco de Mayo from los cinco gatos!

  2. OMC, Charlie, you lucky guy! A whole pinata filled with treats! :-O

    Happy Gotcha Day! That has to be the best present any kitty ever received. LOL.

    -Fuzzy Tales

  3. Happy Cinco de Mayo, Charlie, and concatulations on your forever home! :)

    OMC ... that pinata is the BEST!!!

  4. Happy Cinco de Mayo to you all! Thanks for posting that video of Charlie, it brightened our day!

  5. Loved the music! Happy Cinco de Mayo for yesterday :)

  6. Yay!!! Happy Cinco de Mayo and yay for adorable Charlie!! Awwwww what a great way to get treats and to celebrate such a day!! Woo-hoo!! Go Charlie!! take care

  7. Oh I loved this piece. Especially when he went to town on the chicken. No mercy, Charlie! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  8. Happy Anniversary, Charlie!! Aww, I love this video! What a beautiful cat! He and Priscilla would make a cute couple, although she is probably a little old for him..MOL.


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